Simply happy customers

Customer loyalty made easy – with 10stamps by Wirecard

Reward your customers for their loyalty with a great reward, and they will be happy to come back to your shop. Your customers just need to download the 10stamps by Wirecard app. Then they can collect digital stamps quickly and conveniently on their smartphone or tablet every time they visit your shop. Once they have collected ten stamps, your customers can redeem their digital card for a reward.

As a partner, you determine the reward and also have the option to customise the stamp card used within the app in your own design. The starter kit contains everything you need to start using 10stamps by Wirecard. You can issue digital stamps to your customers in just a few simple steps and with no lengthy set-up process. Turn your customers into happy regular customers.

Increased customer loyalty in three easy steps

1. Order the 10stamps by Wirecard starter kit
The BASIC package includes everything you need: a stamp code, a corresponding lanyard, a brief set of instructions and a set of stickers.

2. Configure stamp card
Design your own personal digital stamp card online here in just a few simple stamps which your customers can then use in their app.

3. Use 10stamps by Wirecard
Use your stamp code directly. Your customer scans the QR code on their card using the 10stamps app and receives a stamp.

10stamps by Wirecard RETAIL BASIC (Starterkit) – order now and start issuing stamps right away.

Overview of benefits.

Increased sales through higher frequency of customer visits
Increase the frequency of your customers’ visits and turn them into regular customers

Win new customers
The local area card in the app allows you to be discovered and gain new customers

Customised stamp card and rewards
You can customise the stamp card and select the rewards to be issued

Order the BASIC 10stamps by Wirecard starter kit and get started right away.