General questions

Digital stamps and digital stamp cards are based on the traditional bonus stamp card system where a customer is given a paper stamp card from a shop. The customer collects a stamp on this card each time they make a purchase in the shop. Once they collect ten stamps, they can redeem the stamps for a reward. With 10stamps, an app takes the place of this paper stamp card – so it is a digital stamp card. The customer uses this app to collect digital stamps by scanning the retailer’s QR code.
QR is an abbreviation for the term ‘quick response’. Simply put, a QR code is a way of displaying information as a two-dimensional square pattern. In the 10stamps application, the QR code is referred to as a stamp code and is used to issue stamps and redeem stamp cards.
Any company or private individual can use the service from Wirecard Technologies GmbH.
The terms and conditions of use for merchants and users can be seen using the links.
The 10stamps app is currently available for iPhone and Android mobile phones (e.g. HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG and Nokia), as well as for iPads and Android tablets. Simply download the app free of charge from the corresponding app store.

Questions about the 10stamps package:

A stamp cards offers the following benefits:
Loyal customers and improved customer retention:
Your customers will become regular visitors if they stand to get a great reward on every tenth visit.
Most-valuable customers and increased sales:
Your customers will return to your shop sooner in order to fill up their stamp cards as quickly as they can. This is scientifically proven and has also been demonstrated in the 10stamps network (with an average acceleration effect of 20%).
Each stamp code can provide 1,000 digital stamp cards. This means that you can provide 1,000 customers with a standard ten-piece stamp card using one stamp code. After this, you will need a new stamp code. You can simply reorder the new stamp code here. Please note that the new stamp code will need to be assigned to the existing card. Otherwise, you will be starting a new campaign and the stamps that your customers have collected will no longer be valid.

How does the reordering process work?
You can order a new stamp code card with a further 1,000 digital stamps here – whenever you like. Please note that the new stamp code will need to be assigned to the existing stamp card.

What happens if a stamp code is lost?
If this happens, you should lock the stamp code immediately at
You can create and download a replacement stamp code directly from there.
The number of stamp cards remaining is not affected by this.

Order 10stamps here and receive a stamp code, handbook, lanyard and sticker. You then just need to configure your stamp code by entering the serial number and creating your digital stamp card. Then you’re ready to get started.

Can I test 10stamps?
The best way is to download 10stamps on your smartphone and try out the various system feature. If you scan the stamp code here using a QR scanner, you will be automatically directed to the relevant app store for your mobile platform, where you will be able to download 10stamps free of charge.

How is the stamp card configured?
Before you can use the stamp card, you will need to configure it here. Enter the serial number of the card and follow the subsequent steps.

What should I award stamps for?
Key products and services that sell well (e.g. a coffee or a haircut) are well suited for campaigns and promotions.

  • An entire product range or one product category (e.g. hot drinks)
  • Sales-based campaigns (e.g. one stamp awarded for every 3 EUR spent)
  • Equivalent products (e.g. lunch menu)

What should I offer customers as a reward?

  • You can offer an equivalent product as a reward, e.g. buy ten hot drinks and get the next one free
  • You can offer a higher-value product as a reward, e.g. buy ten small lunch meals and get a larger lunch meal at half price on the next visit
  • You can offer complementary products or services based on the core product, e.g. cake alongside a coffee
  • You can offer new products or services as a reward, e.g. the latest tea variety or the latest shampoo

Give customers the opportunity to try out new products and services, higher-value products and services or product combinations so that they will purchase these regularly in the future.

What is the purpose of the partner website?
On the partner website (, you can first activate your stamp code, then set up your stamp card, location and configure other settings. Once you have activated the stamp code and have actively begun issuing stamps, you can view your statistics.

Can I have multiple stamp codes and campaigns?

  • Yes, you can have multiple stamp code cards, each with 1,000 stamps, and you can use them at multiple checkout systems or in different locations
  • Yes, you can set up one stamp card/ campaign for each stamp code

Please note that each stamp code can only issues stamps for the allocated stamp card.

Issuing stamps:
Once you have configured your stamp code here, you can start using it directly. Your customer scans the stamp code on their card using the 10stamps app and receives a stamp.

Redeeming stamp cards:
Once your customer has collected ten stamps, they can redeem the full stamp card by pressing the ‘Redeem’ button and scanning your stamp code again.
An animation is played when the stamps are successfully redeemed.

How can potential customers find my business?
A map of the local area shows all businesses in the area that accept 10stamps. This allows potential new customers to easily discover your business and become regular customers thanks to the 10stamps system.

How can I display mobile content on my customers’ mobile devices?
The 10stamps team will set this up. Get in touch with us and we will provide a solution as soon as possible. You can see an example of a mobile menu on our demo stamp card Burger card in the ‘Our menu’ section.

How can I inform customers about promotions?
The 10stamps team will set this up. Get in touch with us and we will provide a solution as soon as possible.

Questions about the 10stamps app:

The 10stamps app is available for download free of charge from the App Store and Google Play Store.

It is compatible with iPhones and Android devices (e.g. HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG and Nokia).

How do I receive a stamp?
Simply ask for the 10stamps stamp code at the checkout and scan this code using the 10stamps app. Your first stamp will then appear on the corresponding stamp card.

How do I redeem a stamp card?
Once you have collected ten stamps, you can redeem the completed stamp card. Press ‘Redeem’ and then scan the stamp code again at the partner checkout.
An animation is played when the stamps are successfully redeemed. After this, the stamp card will be greyed out in the detailed view.

How do I get a new stamp card?
Once you have redeemed your old stamp card and then make another purchase from this partner, simply scan the stamp code again as usual.
A new stamp card is automatically generated with a stamp.

How do I find partners in my area?
You can use the nearby map to see an overview of all the partners where you can use 10stamps.

10stamps treats customer data in the strictest confidence and does not share this with anyone. Due to that you can use 10stamps anonymously.
To ensure that you do not lose all of the points you have collected if you swop your phone, we advise you to register an account right away.
Collected stamps are securely stored in the 10stamps system. All users who have registered can restore their stamps at any time and transfer them to different devices.